Brief introduction

There are currently more than 14 billion IoT devices in use at homes and businesses nowadays. Our reliance on connected devices will continue to rise in the long run as we increasingly leverage IoT to improve our quality of life. At the same time, IoT devices are getting more complex on all levels: hardware, firmware, operating system and application software.

One big problem nowadays is the lack of visibility within the supply chain of connected devices, which puts OEM/device manufacturers’ reputations and prospects at risk. OEMS are unaware of the 3rd party and open-source software they use for their product…


Advances in the market

Operational Technology (OT) and Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are used to support mission-critical infrastructures across a wide range of industries. OT is the computing systems that manage industrial operations, and ICS is a sub-segment within the OT sector referring to systems that control, operate and automate many industrial processes. Industrial sectors rely on ICS systems to continuously deliver essential services including transportation, power utilities, communication systems, water monitoring, among others.

Historically, Information Technology (IT), which is the application of computers to process and data, hasn’t overlapped with OT and has been managed separately as siloes. However, the disconnect between these…


State of the market

In the last several years, there has been a large-scale adoption of medical devices due to the growing need of cost-effective and efficient healthcare services and solutions. Medical devices play a very important role in monitoring patients, tracking activities and gathering data to ultimately help deliver the best possible healthcare service. Medical IoT has unfolded a myriad of possibilities to improve the continuum of care and allows the creation of ecosystems comprised of different components, technology applications, programs and gadgets. …


State of the Market

The automotive industry is continuously transforming under 3 major trends: autonomous driving, electrification and smart mobility. Increased connectivity has made it possible to meet new demands through business model and technology innovation, as well as making driving experiences safer and more enjoyable. Nowadays, millions of vehicles on the road are already connected via telematics or by in-vehicle apps, and this number keeps growing. New vehicles rolled out to the market by the top automotive brands are all connected now. …


A bit of background on wildfires

Climate risk is increasingly affecting the way that governments and enterprises work, with the effects of climate change being felt more than ever. These unprecedented consequences have more immediate impact on different aspects of our lives.

Year 2020 has so far been less than ideal, to say the least. Even though Californians have been sheltering in place for the last 7 months due to the pandemic, they are now forced to face raging wildfires and hazardous levels of air pollution

Extreme weather has caused catastrophic wildfires in the West Coast over the last several years, with 2020 being the worst…

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